Update from Administrator – June 5, 2020

Update from Administrator – June 5, 2020

Dear friends, family, and representatives,

As always, we hope this update reaches you in good health. It is another opportunity to update you about your loved ones, as we continue to work our way through providing world class care in this unprecedented time of COVID-19 pandemic.

This insidious virus has taken its toll on everyone, but we continue to take steps to mitigate the spread and care for your loved ones. A quick statistical update: 68 confirmed positive cases cumulative of resident and staff, 71% recovered cumulative of resident and staff, 17% still infected, sadly 11.7% fatality.

Please continue to pray for those of our residents and staff members who are still sick. We will remember the lives we lost to COVID-19, may their souls rest in peace. Their lives remain a solemn reminder that we cannot afford to be complacent in our vigilance to mitigate the spread of this virus.

In the past weeks we completed baseline testing of all residents in our facility and met the 90% baseline testing requirement for staff.

As the larger community re-opens, we have begun to experience some new cases of the virus in our facility. Because of this, we have made arrangements with the National Guard to come to our facility on Monday to re-test our staff and some symptomatic residents.

Our entire team continues to ensure deep cleaning and sanitization of frequently touched surfaces to mitigate the spread of the virus. We continue to implement strict infection control and PPE optimization strategies.

We are grateful for the team of dedicated and passionate individuals that make up the ranks of our work force, whose sheer courage and selfless commitment to world class patient care is not only encouraging but also inspiring.  Time and time again they have proved that heroes also come in scrubs. We salute the commitment and dedication shown to our residents during this whole saga.

As you may be aware the Department of Public Health eased the restriction on visitation to nursing homes. We will start to implement this visitation on Tuesday 6/9/2020.

The visitation will be by appointment only, we ask that you wear face covering and keep six feet apart and there is a maximum of two visitors during this visit as physical distancing still needs to be maintained.

If you have not received any of our email updates, there is a possibility that we do not have your email on our mailing list. Please email us at Administrator@SouthbridgeRHCC.com so that you can be added.

Thank you for all your understanding during this very challenging time.

Augustine Aiguosatile, Administrator

June 5, 2020 A Healthier Approach To Caring