Update from Administrator – April 6, 2021

April 6, 2021

Dear Residents, Families and Friends,

I am pleased to report that having completed 2 weeks of negative COVID testing for staff and residents, we are officially out of outbreak mode! Our last positive staff was 3/22/21, and last positive resident was 2/7/2021. The COVID recovery area remains available as a resource for those needing rehab after hospitalization or residents from our community that might test positive.

Please note that over the past week, our community has seen an uptick in positive cases. We continue to monitor these numbers and urge you to wear your mask, socially distance, wash your hands frequently, and consider getting vaccinated.

As we have in the past, updated and detailed CDC guidance is noted in the below link:


We always offer visitations using our technology (iPads, tablets, calls, etc.) and when we can, window visits and outside visits. If you do not have an appointment scheduled, please contact Rita at 508-765-9133 x 1820 to schedule an appointment for an outdoor visit, window visit or virtual visit.

We continue to take all necessary precautions, including wearing personal protective equipment, additional cleaning, hand washing and sanitizing, as well as and conducting regular testing of our staff and residents.

We want to provide some reminders about our visitation policy, based on requirements set by our state’s DPH and the CDC. We do apologize, but the below is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity for visits, under the strict state and federal guidelines we must adhere to.

While we know this is not the optimal way to visit your loved one, these guidelines have been put in place with your loved ones and out staff’s best interest in mind. We continue to work with the state to ensure that we are following their guidance, but not being overly restrictive in the interpretation. Our goal is to get you back to visiting with your loved one.

To clarify: a “fully vaccinated” individual is defined as one who is two weeks post receiving a complete series of their vaccination dose(s).

  • Available visiting times are 10:00am – 7 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am – 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Each visit is 45 minutes long.
  • Please, do not bring food or beverages to the visit, as masks must always remain on.
  • Come to the building with mask on that covers your nose and mouth.
  • When you arrive, please sanitize hands, fill out COVID exposure questionnaire and sign the one-time document acknowledging that you will follow the visiting guidelines. The receptionist will take your temperature.
  • Go directly to the patio for indoor and outdoor visits in the designated visitation area. Please do not stop at the nurses’ station, other offices, etc.
  • Resident Room Visits may occur under the following conditions:
    • If YOU are fully vaccinated, and
    • Your loved one has a private room and is fully vaccinated,
    • If your loved one has a roommate who is also fully vaccinated,
    • If your loved one or their roommate is NOT fully vaccinated, then you will need to meet in the designated visiting area.
    • These visits must be scheduled ahead of time.
  • All visitors and residents must wear a facemask that fully covers your nose and mouth, and it must remain in place throughout the entire visit; you must perform hand hygiene prior to approaching the visit area.
  • Please maintain social distancing during the visit. ** If your loved one is fully vaccinated (two weeks post receiving BOTH of their vaccination doses), you may have close contact with your loved one. Please continue to practice social distancing with our staff and any others you may encounter. This is for indoor and outdoor visitation.
  • Remember, outside visits are always (weather permitting) the easiest way to visit your loved one and are NOT affected by an outbreak in the center.
  • A staff member will be on hand to answer questions, assist during the visit, and sanitize in between visits.
  • Call main phone number 508-765-9111 or email us at for additional information.


  • Our barber and beauty salon is open for appointments.
  • A reminder to everyone that we do have various tablet devices for your loved one to utilize to access games, various communication tools, games, news, and more. We have done some tutoring and training of the tablets so that residents are more comfortable with them.
  • Some recreation programs updates:

We continue to have small group activities throughout the day.  BINGO is back as well as a facility favorite: EXERCISE!

Thank you and, as always, please stay safe and healthy!


Robin High


April 7, 2021