COVID-19 Family Update- 5/1/2020


Update to our family and friends,

Southbridge Rehabilitation & Health Care Center has recently learned that a staff member has tested Positive for COVID- 19. This Staff member has not been in the building for 8 days; therefore, we are confident that we will continue to stay Healthy. Even still, we have reached out to the Department of Public Health and the Local Board of Health and The National Guard, requesting that all our Residents and Staff be tested. We feel taking this… next step will help us prepare; in order to maintain the wellness of all our staff; and of course your loved ones. Should any new information arise; we will update you. As keeping you informed is very important to us.
A quick status report below for clarity as of 4/30/2020


Resident Tested for COVID -19 20 0 Positive
Staff reported Test for COVID-19 9 1 Positive

Please keep us in your prayers.

Your truly,
Augustine Aiguosatile

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